Characteristics of the product

Our caciocavallo rather than the normal cosacavaddu ibleo and the Ragusano dop is different: tasty but not salty, soft even if seasoned for a long time, the colour is a pale yellow and  is extremely aromatic.


The producers

Our cosacavaddu ibleo and our provole are bought from selected producers. Nearly all of the producers have cows of the modicana breed. The modicana cow produces at the most 18 litres of milk a day, while a Friesian cow can produce up to 50 litres; the differences in the organoleptic properties of the two milks is apparent in the cheese, it is fattier, tastier and more aromatic.

The time of year
We buy the fresh products from October until April, the period when the cows feed on fresh grass. This has an effect on the taste of the cheese, its aroma and on the colour of the product.


The period of time we keep the product in brine is different for every producer and for every single cheese shape. This allows us to obtain a product that is not salty and is much softer (this is possible because of the limited number of cheese shapes processed).

The seasoning

At the present time we are the only ones who season cosacavaddu ibleo in caves, as was traditionally done.The natural microclimate of the cave, the mould, the temperature and the humidity of the stone allow the seasoning cheese to stay soft and never dry.

This also allows us to be the only company to season provola, which is normally sold as a fresh product.